Brother Candlewicking Foot


  • Delivery 7-10 Working Days


This foot allows you to sew a beautiful, decorative touch resembling handsewn ‘knotted’ candlewicking stitch.


Key Features

  • The candlewicking foot has a specially formed, deep tunnel on the underside, which allows the raised candlewicking stitches to pass under the foot easily, and helps prevent unwanted pressure on your finished stitches
  • Also ideal for other raised or 3-dimensional stitches, and for sewing with heavier cotton threads


Compatible Products

  • Innov-is-Luminaire-XP1
  • Innov-is V7
  • NV2600
  • F480
  • M280D
  • VQ2
  • NV1800Q
  • NV1300
  • NV1100
  • F420
  • A150
  • A16
  • A50
  • A80
  • V5LE
  • Innov-is Stellaire XJ1
  • A60SE