Brother PE Design 11


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Unleash your potential with our newest and most advanced embroidery design software: PE-Design 11.

Choose PE-Design 11 to design, convert, edit and scan your own embroidery patterns on your computer. You can even convert images into photo stitch designs or create appliqué patterns. Once complete, you can send your designs to your embroidery or sewing machines, or even selected models of ScanNCut machines.

PE-Design 11 also lets you specify multiple sewing directions, optimise sewing order, convert stitch patterns to outline patterns and much more. With a host of built in designs, fonts and its new, easy-to-use interface, you’re sure to love working with the PE-Design 11.



Key Features
  • Design, convert, edit and scan your own embroidery patterns
  • Convert your own images into photo stitching
  • Send patterns direct to your Luminaire Innov-is XP1 or Stellaire XE1/XJ1 wirelessly
  • 130 fonts with font filter & Font mapping
  • Stitch Design Factory – create your own stitches
  • Compatible with ScanNCut – import FCM files to create embroidery designs
  • More powerful quilting functions – echo fill, decorative fill, stippling and much more



  • Printing and stitching
  • Mix gradients and colours
  • Photostitch
  • Cross stitch
  • Layout and Editing Center – design embroideries, appliqués and more
  • Design Center and Design Database, featuring more than 1000 built-in designs
  • Font Creator with font import function
  • Programmable stitch creator – create decorative fill patterns for quilting
  • Stitch Design Factory – create your own unique decorative stitches
  • Hundreds of built-in fonts
  • New enhanced easy to use interface
  • New WLAN function – send your designs wirelessly between your computer and your Innov-is Luminaire XP1
  • New background fill with echo quilting
  • New improved image tracing for photo stitch and auto punch
  • More advanced editing functions like round fill stitch and flexible spiral stitch
  • Original decorative fill creator
  • Font mapping
  • Updated thread chart
  • More options for object alignment
  • New convert region to line sewing
  • Enhancements of PE-Design 10 features like Fabric Selector and Colour Palette



System Requirements 
  • PC: IBM PC or compatible PC
  • Operating system: Windows Vista®/Windows®7/Windows®8/8.1
  • Processor: 1GHz or higher
  • Main memory: 512MB (1GB or more recommended)
  • Hard drive capacity: 300MB
  • Monitor: XGA (1024×768), 16 bit colour or higher
  • Port: 2 x USB
  • Internet access required for upgrade



  • Design Software
  • Expert, Intermediate



General Features
  • Advanced User Interface
  • 7 Applications
  • 15 Build-In Threaded Brand
  • Change Colour Palette
  • Create Split Embroidery Designs
  • Fabric Setting
  • fcm (ScanNCut file) Export
  • File Export
  • File Import
  • Hoop Size – Up to 360 x 360 / 272 x 408
  • Import fcm (ScanNCut file)
  • Install Program – In PE Design Software Key
  • Jump Stitch Trimming Setting
  • Link
  • Minimum PC Requirement – Internet access: Required for upgrade, Memory: 1GB or more is recommended, Operation System: Windows 7/8.1/10, Port: 2 available USB
  • Multi-Position Hoops
  • Online Manual
  • PES Thumbnail Display
  • Security Device – PE Design Software Key
  • Stitch Stimulation
  • Template Function
  • Wireless Export (Embroidery File)
  • Wireless Import (Embroidery File)



Creating Original Patterns
  • Decorative Fill Pattern
  • Motif Pattern
  • Programmable Fill/Stamp Pattern



Creating Sewing Stitch Patterns
  • Create Sewing Stitch Patterns – Stitch Design Factory
  • File Export (Sewing Stitch Pattern)
  • Wireless Export (Sewing stitch pattern)



Drawing Shapes
  • 30 Heart, Star, etc
  • Line/Curve/Freehand
  • Manual Punch
  • Rectangle, Circle



  • Applique Wizard
  • Background Fill Wizard
  • Circle Copy
  • Convert Region to Line
  • Convert Stitch to Outline
  • Convert Text to Outline
  • Curved Direction Line
  • Direction Line Editing
  • Embossing/Engraving
  • Embroidered Patch, Cutwork Wizard
  • Floral Line
  • Keep Density of Stitch Patterns
  • Lock Function
  • Matrix Copy
  • Mirror Copy
  • Offset Line
  • Point Editing
  • Remove Overlapping, Merge, Hole Sewing Setting
  • Scale, Rotate, Flip
  • Sewing Order Optimisation
  • Splitting Off/Dividing Stitch Pattern
  • Stitch Point Editing
  • Stitch to Block function



Font Functions
  • Build-In Fonts – 100
  • Custom Font Pattern Creation – Font Creator
  • Font Mapping (Registering Embroidery Data as a Font)
  • Monogram – 2
  • Name Drop
  • Outline Around Letters
  • Small Font – 10
  • Text Transform
  • True Type Font



Images Conversions
  • Auto Punch
  • Cross Stitch
  • Image Color Tune
  • Mask Select
  • Photo Stitch1 (Complex Type)
  • Photo Stitch2 (Simple Type)
  • Vector Image Conversion



Sewing Attributes
  • Graduation and Colour Blending
  • Line Sew Type – 9 – Running, Zigzag, Triple, Motif, Stem, Candlewicking, E/V, Chain, Cutting
  • Load/Save Default Setting
  • Region Sew Type – 14 – Satin, Fill, Programmable fill, Motif, Piping, Cross Stitch, Concentric Circle, Radial, Spiral, Flexible Spiral, Stippling, Net Fill, Zigzag Net Fill, Decorative Fill