Juki MO-644D


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Easy to use home overlock with high quality stitching and industrial technology applied.


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Presser Feet


Let your creativity soar with the Juki MO-644D, one of the most popular Juki overlock machines. This 4-thread overlocker with differential feed and automatic rolled hemming was designed with economy and performance in mind to sew all the popular overlock stitch variations. 




Juki MO-644D Features


Bright Lights
Better View Optimum lighting to the fabric and needle areas.


Adjustable Stitch Length

By simply turning the knob located inside the machine within the range of 1 to 4mm.


Differential Feed

Easily controlled and adjusted by a dial located on the exterior, left hand side of the machine.


Automatic Rolled Hemming

Can now be created quickly snafu easily with built-in fingertip control. There is no need to change the foot or plate.


Lower Knife Adjustment Knob

Adjusts the lower knife quickly to change the width of fabric in the seam allowance, for perfect seams and rolled edges.


Heavy-Duty Knife System

Operates with a dedicated drive to assure consistent and easy cutting of light to heavy weight fabrics.


Upper Knife Releasing System

Removes the upper knife so that threading is made safer and easier.


Multi-Purpose Foot

Comes equipped with a slotted tape guide which can be used to sew woven tape, elastic, sequins and ribbon.


Colour-Coded Threading Guides

Throughout the machine make threading



Video Tutorials
  1. Changing the Needle and Thread, Stitch Variations
  2. Preparing, Threading and Adjustments



Juki MO-644D Leaflet Juki MO-644D Instruction Manual


Additional information


1,500 Stitches Per Minute
2/3/4 Threads
Needles – Household Machine Size 11 or 14
Overlocking Width – Left Needle 6mm, Right Needle 4mm, Rolled Hem 2mm
Stitch Length – 1-4 mm (standard 2.5mm) / Rolled Hem 1.0 – 1.5mm
Differential Feed – 0.7 – 2.0 Ratio
Tension – Industrial Type Dial / 1 Rotation
Built-in Rolled Hemming – Right (Narrow) or Left (Wide) Needle / 2 or 3 Thread
Flatlock – Right or Left Needle / 2 or 3 Thread
Universal Presser Foot – Tape, Ribbon, Narrow Elastic Application
Presser Foot Lift – 5mm


2 Years Warranty


270 mm (W) x 340 mm (D) x 295 mm (H)


7.0 kg