Brother PR680W 6-Needle embroidery machine


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Elevate your embroidery game with the Brother PR680W 6-Needle embroidery machine – the ultimate choice when turning your hobby into a business. The Entrepreneur W PR680W boasts six individually customisable needles and industrial acceleration, allowing seamless handling of various project sizes at a rapid pace of up to 1,000 stitches per minute.

Immerse yourself in creativity with a spacious 200 x 300 mm work area and a vibrant 10.1” high-definition LCD display. The zoom function, reaching up to 200%, ensures meticulous detail, while easy design adjustments can be made with precise rotations in 0.1-degree increments.

Explore endless design possibilities with 673 built-in embroidery designs, including monograms and buttonholes, along with 50 lettering fonts. Tailor fonts by modifying spacing, shuffling colours, or adjusting thread density for impeccable stitching. The appliqué feature adds instant patterns, and colour grouping streamlines the editing process.

Save time and minimise errors with features like the stitch simulator, automatic colour sequence, basting stitch outline, and smart stitch management. The PR680W resumes embroidery at the exact stitch if the machine stops or loses power. The largest crosshair pointer on the market ensures precise needle placement, with nine customisable points for accurate positioning.

Take control of your workflow with upgraded thread tension dials, expanded tension range, and convenient shortcut keys. Stay connected wirelessly through the My Stitch Monitor app, enabling monitoring and design transfer from your mobile device. With 24 tutorial videos and compatibility with PE-Design 11 software, the Brother PR680W 6-Needle embroidery machine is your gateway to next-level versatility, speed, and editing capabilities for a thriving business.





Brother PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine Key Features
  • Large 10.1″ built-in HD LCD touchscreen display
  • 200 x 300 mm embroidery area
  • Large crosshair LED needle drop precision pointer for perfect positioning
  • 6 needles, each with their own customisable settings
  • Automatic colour change, needle threader and thread trimmer
  • 763 built-in embroidery designs, including 50 fonts and monograms
  • Industrial acceleration – complete your projects faster
  • Up to 1000 spm variable embroidery speed
  • Wireless LAN connectivity – connect up to 10 machines with optional PE-Design 11 software
  • My Stitch Monitor mobile app
  • 24 built-in video tutorials so you can learn as you go



Brother PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine Features in Depth


6 needles with customisable settings

You can individually customise each of the PR680W’s six needles for speed, colour lock and now, the disengagement of the needle threader – useful when using a thin needle!


Thread tension range expansion

We’ve expanded the thread tension range on the PR680W creating a wider range of tension settings. It’s now easier to embroider on difficult fabrics with the correct tension – without distorting or puckering the fabric!


6-needle auto-threading

Make threading simple! With just the touch of a button you can automatically thread each needle in a matter of seconds. For added efficiency this can even be done without a design on the screen!


Crosshair LED pointer for perfect needle positioning

See exactly where your needles will drop and ensure perfect pattern placement, so you can position jobs faster and more accurately. Nine points can be set: centre, four corners and four middles.


Customisable lighting system

See your work clearly with the four built-in LED lights. With five brightness settings you can find your ideal lighting level. The bight LEDs will illuminate your work with virtually no shadows.


Industrial level acceleration

Increase your productivity and efficiency with industry-leading high-speed acceleration! Reach up to 1,000 stitches per minute in seven seconds. Projects will be completed faster, with minimal noise.


Fast and adjustable embroidery

Get a professional finish, even on tricky items and using speciality threads. Embroidery speeds can be reduced to 400spm for flats, as well as for the (optional) cap and cylinder frame.


Automatic thread cutter

Cuts upper and lower thread automatically at the end of each colour change on embroidery.


Basting function

Apply a basting stitch outline to the perimeter of any design to hold the fabric to the stabilizer. Great for larger fabrics and hard-to-hoop items.


10.1” HD LCD touchscreen

Navigate the easy-to-use interface and see your designs in full colour on the crystal clear display – zoom in up to 200%. Fine quality thumbnail preview available for both external and built-in patterns.


Expandable library of built in tutorials

Learn as you go with the 24 pre-installed tutorial videos – covering everything from basic operations to embroidery functions. Download more via the WLAN connectivity.


Smart stitch management

Check the stitch progress bar to see how much time is left to stitch out each part of the embroidery design. Key in the stitch number to go forward or backward by any number of stitches.


Large embroidery area (200 x 300 mm)

Generous embroidery area for just about any project. Includes four embroidery frames: 200 x 300 mm, 130 x 180 mm, 100 x 100 mm and 40 x 60 mm, making it easy to go pro!


New magnetic frames (optional)

Save time with Brother’s new flash magnetic embroidery frames – just hoop and go. Sewing area: 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4”) and 130 x 180 mm (5 x 7”)


Cylinder arm

Easily embroider hard to reach items such as caps, tote bags, sleeves, trouser legs and much more.


Easy embroidery features

Use the built-in touchscreen to convert multi-colour designs to single-colour embroidery. Add registration marks for easy, continuous borders.


Colour shuffling 2 function

Get even more colour possibilities with the colour shuffling 2 function. Use the pin graphic function in Random and Gradient modes to ensure your favourite colours are always included in your shuffle.


Colour grouping

Save time by selecting multiple regions at a time for editing colour.


Intuitive colour management

Customise designs even further by selecting areas of embroidery designs that you wish to skip before you start stitching.


Stitch simulator

Minimise mistakes! See your design on screen before a stitch is sewn, with the stitch simulator.


Auto-density adjustment

When enlarging designs, the stitch count is automatically recalculated, so your resized design will fit your custom project and maintain stitch quality. Designs can be adjusted from 60% to 200% of the original.


Customise designs on screen

There’s no limit to what you can create. Arrange and align text, add an easy applique outline, pattern rotation in 0.1, 1, 10, 90 degree increments, add lettering, adjust sizes and combine designs – and much more!


Group and ungroup

Selected multiple regions at a time for editing colour. Easily group letters to move all at once, combine designs and edit them as one, or separate design elements and edit pieces individually.


Variety of built in embroidery designs

Choose from 102 embroidery patterns, 50 utility stitches, 3 monogram fonts, 611 decorative alphabet patterns, 10 buttonholes in 3 sizes and 140 frame pattern combinations.


50 built-in lettering fonts

Input multiple lines of text or lettering, all with the capability to edit. Rearrange words or phrases, combine selected words, change the style and size of individual letters, and even change the font style of a whole line. Easily align text left, centre or right. Perfect for embroidering multiple line poems, phrases, and wedding announcements.


WLAN connectivity and My Stitch MonitorTM app

With wireless connectivity keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor app from your mobile device. Follow the progress of your project, get thread change alerts and know when your embroidery is finished.


Connect and grow your work room

With wireless connectivity and Brother’s PE-Design 11 software (additional purchase required), you can link as many as 10 machines without a cable.


Wireless image transfer

When connected to your wireless network, send designs wirelessly from your PC to the PR680W with Design Database Transfer. You can also get machine updates automatically. (Design Database Transfer only compatible with Windows).


Administrator and operator lock

Security lock modes and key optimisation let you customise your business’ workflows. Use the shortcut key allows to jump directly to the embroidery screen.


Auto resume

The PR680W will automatically resume the embroidery design at the exact stitch when the machine either stopped or lost power.


Three built-in USB ports

A high-speed port for fast design transfers, a second port for machine peripherals, and a third port for computer connectivity.



Brother PR680W Leaflet Brother PR680W Support Brother PR680W Basic Operation

Additional information

Machine Information

Machine Size – Not Portable (Needs Wheels)
Product Type – Embroidery, Small Business Use
Skill Level – Expert, Intermediate, Small Business Use

General Features

Accessory Box – Yes
Bobbin Type – Vertical
Machine Type – Electronic
Insertion of Bobbin – Anytime Access
Lighting – 3 LEDs
Number Of Needles – 6

Embroidery Features

Embroidery Positioning Function – Cross hair positioning laser
Built In Monogram Styles – 3 lettering & 15 frames
Built-in Embroidery Frame Patterns – 140 (10 shapes x 14 stitch types)
Built-In Lettering Styles (Embroidery) – 50
Built-In Patterns – 763
Colour Shuffling – Yes
Creating a Custom Thread Table – Yes
Embroidery Area in mm – 300 x 200
Extension Wide Table – Optional
Font Editing Functions/Multiple Lines and Alignment (L-C-R) – L-C-R
Font Size Selection (L-M-S) – Yes
Frames Included – 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4”), 40 x 60 mm (1.5 x 2.35”), 130 x 180 mm (5 x 7"), 200 x 300 mm (8 x 12")
Free Arm Embroidery – Yes
High Speed Acceleration – Yes
Jump Stitch Trim – Yes
Max Embroidery Speed (Stitches per Minute) – 1000
Multiple Line Text Input – Yes
Number of Hoops (Standard Accessory) – 4
Number of Spool Stands – 6
On Screen Video Tutorials – Yes
Pattern – Size, Change Rotation & Mirror – Yes
Realistic Preview of Patterns – Yes
Single Colour Pattern Converter – Yes
Thread Colour Sorting – Yes


Design Database Transfer app for Windows PC – Yes
Wireless firmware updates – Yes
My Stitch Monitor App – Yes
USB Port – PC and 2x High Speed USB Port
Wi-LAN Function – Yes


Consumption Power – 116 W
Eco Mode (Auto Power Off/Sleep Mode) – Yes


Display Resolution (Pixel) – 800 x 1280
Display Size – 10,1"
Type of Screen – High-Resolution IPS LCD-Touchscreen


Adjustable Thread Tension – Manual
Automatic Thread Cutter – Yes
Bobbin Winder – Optional
Lower Thread Sensor – Yes
Needle Threading System – Automatic
Upper Thread Sensor – Yes

Weight and Measurements

Machine Dimension (mm) – 587 x 512 x 589
Weight (kg) – 38


Brother 3 year Warranty *Commercial use only 1 year warranty

What's in the box

Accessory case
Needle set × 2
Pre-wound bobbin × 6
Spool net × 6
Seam ripper
Touch pen
Needle changing tool (Threader)
Needle plate cover
Spacer (on machine)
Phillips screwdriver
Standard screwdriver
Allen screwdriver
3-way screwdriver
Wrench 13 mm × 10 mm
Cleaning brush
Weight (L)
Spool mat × 6
Spool cap × 6
USB cable
Embroidery frame (extra-large) 200 mm (H) × 300 mm (W) (7-7/8 inches (H) × 11-3/4 inches (W))
Embroidery frame (large) 130 mm (H) × 180 mm (W) (5-1/8 inches (H) × 7-1/8 inches (W)
Embroidery frame (medium) 100 mm (H) × 100 mm (W) (4 inches (H) × 4 inches (W))
Embroidery frame (small) 40 mm (H) × 60 mm (W) (1-1/2 inches 2-3/8 inches (W)
Embroidery sheet (extra-large) 200 mm (H) × 300 mm (W) (7-7/8 inches × 11-3/4 inches (W)
Embroidery sheet (large) 130 mm (H) × 180 mm (W) (5-1/8 inches × 7-1/8 inches (W))
Embroidery sheet (medium) 100 mm (H) × 100 mm (W) (4 inches (H) × 4 inches (W)
Embroidery sheet (small) 40 mm (H) × 60 mm (W) (1-1/2 inches (H) x 2-3/8 inches (W))
Embroidery frame holder A
Embroidery frame holder B
Power cord
Bobbin case (on machine)
Operation Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Embroidery Design Guide

Included accessories subject to change without notice.