Bernina 990

What we know about the Bernina 990 so far!

Here is what we know about the Bernina 990 so far! The hugely anticipated launch was hosted in Detroit, USA on Tuesday 18th June and what we discovered was far beyond our expectations. This launch was an experience and incredibly insightful learning about all of the new features. When the Bernina 990 was unveiled we were amazed by the sheer size of the machine. 

Bernina 990 Workspace

To put this into perspective for those who have the Bernina 7 or 8 Series;


Workspace – to the right of the needle

{insert diagrams of front facing machines with arrows and measurements}

  • 7 series: 10” workspace, measured from the right of the needle
  • 8 series: 12” workspace, measured from the right of the needle
  • 990: 14” workspace, measured from the right of the needle
Bernina 7 Series Workspace
Bernina 8 Series Workspace

Extra-Large Embroidery Module

Not only is this space revolutionary for machine quilting, it also means this machine runs an even bigger embroidery module! The new extra-large embroidery module featuring Smart Drive Technology, has a new look to which matches the B990’s modern and elegant style. The main question we have been asked is whether the hoops from the 7 & 8 series machines fit, and the answer is YES! Bernina have continued to use the same fitting. The Giant Hoop expands your embroidery horizon with the extra-large space and ability to embroider an amazing full 12-inch square. Perfect for large quilt blocks! Where previously the 8 series machines could do up to 10” x 10” quilt blocks. 

Free-Motion Quilting

The Bernina Stitch Regular has been taken to the next level and is now integrated to the B990. Also, it is compatible with ruler foot and works with all Bernina quilting presser feet and accessories.

[“Simply attach the included BERNINA 5.5 mm BISR Stitch Plate with Sensor, and the quilting foot of your choice to achieve perfect quilting stitches with the exact same length at variable sewing speeds.”]

Ruler Work with BSR

10” Touch Screen and Help Centre

On the new 10″ touch screen with the help centre you can Search, access the Instruction Manual and View Tutorials etc. The new interface is easy to navigate and has the ability to connect to the Help Center with your tablet or smartphone via WiFi connectivity by simply scanning the QR code on screen.

Scan and Preview your Designs

With the new BERNINA Placement Scanner and Camera, you can scan the embroidery hoop, and view the needle area on the screen in sewing and embroidery. This allows you to precisely position your designs and stitches. Scan to preview how your designs, the chosen thread colour and size will look like when stitched.

Pricing and Availability

And lastly, as we know the 990 will be released across America before making its way over to the UK so we are expecting first shipments to land at the end of the year. To secure a place in the queue, pre orders are now open and will be sorted on a first come first served basis. The Full recommended retail price of the B990 is £12,950 including the extra-large embroidery module. Only available from official Bernina platinum dealers and we are expecting our demonstration model to come in the next couple of months!

Bernina 990 with extra-large embroidery module