Bernina L460


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This serger/overlocker offers great sewing comfort. It cuts, sews and finishes in one single step. The L 460 produces seams and hems of highest stitch quality, from fine rolled hems to wide decorative edges.




Cut, sew, and finish in one step!
  • Free-Hand System (FHS) for knee–operated presser-foot lift
  • Exact speed control
  • Slide-on Table for more space
  • Ease of use with Micro Thread Control (mtc)
  • Well-lit grand workspace



Free-Hand System (FHS)
  • Raise and lower presser foot easily
  • Both hands free to guide the fabric
  • To be used with your knee

With the BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) you can raise and lower the presser foot with your knee. This noticeably improves clearance under the presser foot, which in turn facilitates fabric handling. You will save time and achieve perfect results!



Exact speed control
  • Stitch by stitch sewing
  • Sew up to 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Automatic needle stop up

The BERNINA Foot Control and DC motor allow a top speed of up to 1,500 stitches per minute but also stitch by stitch sewing. This makes it easy to work with delicate or heavy fabrics that require extra care in handling.



Slide-on-table for more space
  • Optimizes view onto the sewing project
  • More room for your creativity
  • Easy to attach and remove

The Slide-on Table extends the sewing area to the left of the needle. It allows large fabrics to be guided more easily and gives a better overview onto the sewing project.



Micro Thread Control (mtc)
  • Finishes edges up to 9mm width
  • For professional seams
  • Fine-tune the over-edge threads

The patended mtc Micro Thread Control saves you significant time and effort while ensuring consistent high-quality stitches, since you need only set thread tension once – even if you alter the cutting width and fabric thickness!



Easy threading
  • With the manual Needle Threader
  • Color-coded threading path
  • Lower looper threader support

A manual Needle Threader allows for easy and ergonomic threading. The color coded threading paths as well as the lower looper threader support your quick threading.



Well-lit grand workspace
  • 2 LED Sewing Lights
  • For accurate work
  • Makes sewing and threading simple

The well-lit grand workspace of the L 460 eases sewing as well as threading of loopers and needles. The 2 LED lights faciliate precise and accurate work.



Store your accessories in the looper cover
  • Everything neatly arranged
  • Accessory box included
  • Room for optional feet

The most commonly used accessories are located in the looper cover, neatly arranged and ready to be used. The additional accessory box holds the seam guide, spool caps and tools. A range of optional feet for your creative overlocking is available.



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*New Owners of this machine are eligible for a Free Foundation Training Course at the Bernina Tuition Centre in London*

Additional information

Features Overview

16 Stitches
BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) with knee lifter
Automatic needle stop up
Stitch-by-stitch sewing
Micro Thread Control (mtc)
Accessories in looper cover
3– 9 mm overlock seam width
5-step presser foot pressure
1500 Sewing speed, stitches per minute


Total number of stitches – 16
4-thread overlock – 1
3-thread overlock (wide / narrow) – 2
3-thread super-stretch – 1
3-thread flatlock ( wide / narrow) -2
3-thread narrow seam – 1
3-thread rolled hem – 1
3-thread picot stitch – 1
2-thread rolled hem – 1
2-thread wrapped overlock (wide / narrow) – 2
2-thread overlock (wide / narrow) – 2
2-thread flatlock (wide / narrow ) – 2

What's in the box

Standard Overlock Foot (with Tape Guide)
Slide-on Table
Spool Stabilizer
Accessories Box
Knee lifter/Free Hand System (FHS)
Cut-offs Bin
Needle Threader/Inserter


2 Years Warranty