Making Custom Cards for Spring – Embroidered on the Brother 870SE

With Christmas over and Spring around the corner I thought I would use designs with flowers and bees.

For this project I used some spare plain fabric I had, stabiliser, tri fold cards and a box frame, and something to stick them together. 

Fabric, Stabiliser, Embroidery Frame
Tri Fold Cards

Once again I located the PES files online and downloaded them to my USB stick.

The colour of the cottons are displayed on screen but it is not always clear what the exact colour is (some look dark green on screen but were actually grey) and if I don’t have the exact match I use the Brother Embroidery Thread guide to check and get the closest colour I have.

Once the patterns were completed, I created a template to match the aperture of the card and fit over the pattern. I tore the stabiliser away from the back of the fabric and then cut around the template.

In order to stick the fabric to the card I used double sided tape on the first one and a hot glue gun on the 2nd. I found the latter better as I was able to pull the fabric tighter across the card this way. 

From experience, make sure the card is the correct way round before you stick anything down otherwise you end up having to think of an alternative way to use the design you have made, which in my case I had a small box frame which I put the design into.