Embroidering cushions with the Brother NV870SE

Today was the first day of making something on the Brother NV870SE embroidery machine. I briefly read the instruction manual beforehand but I prefer to learn hands on. Although you may prefer to read the instructions in full first. 

I like to sew and have made lots of projects from clothes to bags but never embroidered anything. 

Unsure of what I wanted to make I had a quick look online and watched some videos of the machine in action.

I had some plain cushion covers that I wanted to embroider to brighten up so I got together the materials and accessories I needed. I use the Brother embroidery threads and Cotton Soft Tear Away Stabiliser.

I opened up one of the seems of the cushion and chose a pattern from the built in designs on the machine. 

Threading the machine with the 1st colour, locating the centre of the cushion and then using the guide to attach the hoop we were set to go. 

The machine is so easy to use telling you when to change threads, which colour you need and it also cuts the thread when done.

This was a small project but has changed the look of a plain cover, I really enjoyed doing this.

On the next project I hope to make something using a design downloaded from the Brother website.