Embroidered Heart Decorations

A friend of mine asked me if I could make some hearts with the word ‘family’ embroidered on the front of them for a family who were adopting two children.

On the Brother 870Se embroidery machine it has a selection of shape designs built in, I selected the heart for this project. I adjusted the size of the heart to fit with the size of the fabric I had. I then selected “add” and chose the pre progammed heart design 002. I centred this into the middle of the outer heart, selected “set” and then used the size button to alter the size again. 

I then went through the same process but for the alphabet designs on the machine, I added the word “Family”. I moved the position slightly higher than the centre due to the sloping sides of the heart shape.

Once complete I pressed “end edit” and then moved the design to the position in the frame required.

There are 6 children in the family so my friend asked for 6 small hearts and 1 big one for the parents. 

I cut the back pieces of fabric for the hearts and then attached a ribbon to each one and sew them together using my Brother Innov-is 15. I then stuffed the hearts and the gaps were hand sewn to finish them off.