Christmas Embroidery Appliqués

This week I decided to try something new! 

I am fascinated by the appliqués I have seen people do before so I thought I could try some out myself. I did some research on YouTube and watched some videos to give me some ideas. As a beginner to embroidery I took up my friends offer to go and watch her using her machine. This way I could ask questions, even if they sounded daft, you can’t do this watching a video. There are also plenty of classes that you can attend.

So, with inspiration and a better understanding, I looked at some designs – there are plenty of patterns available to buy online and also some that you can download for free!

I downloaded the PES file to my PC and then I transferred it to a USB stick and loaded it onto the machine. For this project I used the large hoop, tear away stabiliser and white felt. 

On the Brother 870Se machine it tells you how long the design will take to stitch out, you do also have to consider the time in between when changing the colour of the threads. The display will also show the number of stitches the design has. I arranged the design to be in the top left hand corner so I could put other designs on the hoop once the first one had been completed. I found this feature really useful when I messed up threading one of the needles and so I managed to go back to where it needed to be- on this occasion I went back 1 reel of cotton (on the right hand side of the display), you can also go back by a certain number of stitches Left hand side -1, -10 etc.

Once the first one was complete, I then chose another couple of designs. The candle is from the same website as the snowman and the pumpkin is from the brother website which has some designs available for free