Brother Stellaire Series Review

The Stellaire range has an endless amount of creative features to take advantage of, from customising garments with your own embroideries and stitches to turning an image that you love into an embroidery design and so much more!

This range offers advanced sewing and embroidery with the Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1 combined machine. However, if you are in need of a machine that just does embroidery then the Brother Stellaire Innov-is XE1 is an option. Both models provide a maximum embroidery size of 360mm x 240mm so you no longer need to worry about upgrading to a machine that runs a bigger hoop. On the sewing side, the XJ1 has 577 decorative stitches, 150 utility stitches and 4 sewing fonts so there is always a stitch to suit your fabric and sewing needs.

As well as the number of stitches the Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1 has, it also offers a work space of 11″ which is perfect for enthusiastic quilters. Of course it has a free arm for dressmaking and a large extension table is an optional purchase. A unique feature is the laser guideline marker which projects a straight line directly onto your fabric as a guide for straight sewing. Ideal for perfectly straight parallel lines, darts and stitch in the ditch. Another feature that stands out is the ability to combine and customise stitches which you can save into the machines memory. The XJ1 has multi directional sewing (up to 8 sideways). More features on the Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1 such as; the direct dual feed walking foot are listed on the full product page linked below.

Features such as the My Design Snap app makes customising your embroideries simple. The Brother My Design Snap gives you the freedom to design and create your own embroideries or you can use this app to create a design from a photo on your phone.  If you take a photo of the fabric in your hoop, you can send it to the machine and then choose an embroidery to add to your fabric. You have the choice of the built in designs or you can use one that you have downloaded online and put onto a USB stick. Whichever you choose, the entirety of your projects will be completely unique! This app has lots more creative features available such as converting a picture or image to an embroidery design using either line or image illustrations.  

Both the Brother Innov-is Stellaire XJ1 and XE1 have a large HD touch screen (10.1″) where you can drag and drop like a tablet, pin to zoom and editing is made easier on screen with the included stylus. It has 24 video tutorials and a built in instruction manual. In terms of sewing on the Brother XJ1 you have all of the standard functions that a computerised machine has to offer such as start/stop sewing, slide speed control, automatic reverse and reinforcement stitch, automatic thread cutter and an advanced needle threader. 

On the embroidery side of both models you can use the built in designs to get you started as their are over 700 designs to choose from. You can also edit these built in designs with My Design Centre on the machines which allows you to edit, change and add to the designs, perfect for customising your garments.

The Stellaire range has lots of potential with both machines being the top of the range, you will never grow out of them and for even more advanced designing you can purchase the PE Design software as an extra.

Click on the links here for more information on the Brother Stellaire Innov-is XE1 and Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1.